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"Discover the Inside Secrets to Information Marketing
Success by Avoiding the 50 Biggest Mistakes
Information Marketers Make"

From: Bret Ridgway
Re: The 50 Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make

Information Marketing can be a tricky business. While the profit potential is enormous, a single mistake can totally derail a project or, at the least, cause you to leave thousands of dollars of profit on the table.

Alex Mandossian, renowned Internet marketer and developer of mega-hit info products like Traffic Conversion Secrets, Teleseminar Secrets, and Stick Strategy Secrets says by simply avoiding the most common Information Marketing Mistakes he has been able to turn his annual income into a monthly income in less than three years.

Simply by avoiding mistakes?  You bet. Learning How to Avoid the Biggest Mistakes Information Marketers Make is Critically Important to YOUR Success!

Information Marketing Mistakes can be avoided.  You can avoid them... and so can your competitors. That's why I've created the comprehensive 115 Page Manual and 2 CD Course - "The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make".

50 Biggest Mistakes Course

So, Who is Bret Ridgway and Why Should You
Listen to Me About Information Marketing?

Bret Ridgway

Bret Ridgway

I'm co-founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services, a company that works directly with leading information marketers like:
  • Alex Mandossian

  • Armand Morin


  • Joe
  • Mike Filsaime


  • Russell Brunson
  • Bob


  • John


  • Joel


These, and many other movers and shakers in the information marketing industry utilize Speaker Fulfillment Services for their fulfillment needs.

It all began back in 1999, when Carl Galletti put on his first Internet Marketing Super Conference in Las Vegas.  Because of a joint venture we had put together a few years prior to that, Carl called me up and asked me if I would handle the back-of-the-room sales table at his event.  I didn't even know what back-of-the-room meant, but I hadn't been to Vegas before, so it sounded good to me.

Well, at that event I met several well-known speakers, many who were event promoters in their own right.  So I began handling the sales table at more and more events and began to get to know many of the leading information and Internet marketing gurus well.  People like Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin, Jim Edwards, Kirt Christensen, Ted Ciuba, Michael Penland and many more.

Now, at the same time I was handling the back-of-the-room at these conferences I was doing online marketing of my own and was doing a lot of product fulfillment of books and videos in various niches.  Knowing I was doing this, one of the speakers, Jim Edwards, finally cornered me at an event in 2003 and asked if I would take over some product fulfillment for him.  I agreed, and Speaker Fulfillment Services was born.

So, for the last six plus years we've been producing and shipping the information products for many of the top names in the industry.  We've shipped hundreds of thousands of packages for hundreds of different information marketers. This has provided me with an "Insider's Look" to the information marketing industry and helped identify those areas that are the biggest problems for information marketers - including the well-known "gurus".

So, How Many of the 50 Biggest Information
Marketing Mistakes are YOU Making?

In this outstanding new course you'll:

  • Discover how millions of dollars are left on the table by information marketers every
    year that a few simple steps in their online shopping cart could fix (See Mistake #1)
  • Find out how perfectionism-induced procrastination can delay revenue
    generation from a product for months and what you can do instead (See Mistake #6)
  • Learn how a document you can probably write in less than 15 minutes can reduce
    your refunds dramatically and leave more money in your pocket (See Mistake #8)
  • Uncover how the simple element of surprise can help you keep your customers
    as customers for life (See Mistake #10) 

  • See first hand how leading marketers help grow their massive lists by using their
    information product as a marketing tool also (See Mistake #20)
  • Learn how dangerous your own assumptions of what will or won't work
    can kill your profits on a new product launch (See Mistake #24)
  • Find out what "SS" means and how Alex Mandossian and Joe Polish apply them to
    keep their product in the hands of their customers (See Mistake #34)
  • See a mistake made inadvertently by one marketer that literally cost him 55,000
    of his subscribers and what you can do to avoid it.  (Be sure to read the Case
    Study for Mistake #37 below)

  • Learn the meaning of the term product "real estate" and how you can use it to sell more
    of your products and services to your customers (See Mistake #39) 

  • See what one or two sentences on your website or in your sales letter can
    guarantee more sales for your information product (See Mistake #43)

This is only a snapshot of ten of the mistakes you can learn to avoid by consuming what's
been called a "Survival Guide for Information Marketers."

Case Study - Mistake #37

Understanding the Look and Feel of All
Previous Communication With Your List

I was talking with a colleague at a recent event and he was telling me the story of how he had worked with a well-known Internet marketer who had crafted an email that was sent out to my colleague's list of 60,000 people.

This colleague's list was used to seeing email in a certain style, and the email that was sent had a totally different look, feel, and tone.  The result?  The unsubscribe requests began pouring in one after the other.  When all was said and done, a list that had been built up to a nice size of 60,000 was reduced to a meager list of...  just 5,000!

What's the lesson here?  It doesn't matter if it's an outside consultant, an employee, a ghostwriter or anyone else doing marketing writing on your behalf.  You must educate them on the format and tone of all your previous correspondence with your list.

If your list has an expectation of what they're going to see from you and you suddenly violate that expectation, then you may have the disastrous results my colleague experienced.

Click here to learn to avoid all 50 Biggest Mistakes

That's just one sample of the practical information you'll learn in the course "The 50 Biggest Mistakes
I See Information Marketers Make"
that can save you headaches, heartaches, and more.

This Jam-Packed Course Will Also Show You:

  • "Do-it-yourselfers" are not saving themselves money and are probably getting in the
    way of their own business growth and what you can do to avoid this (See Mistake #3)
  • What product consumption is all about and what you need to put in place to make sure
    it happens with your info products (See Mistake #11)
  • The value of a few days in the field each year to help you skyrocket the success of your
    information marketing business (See Mistake #13)
  • How to avoid last minute scrambling that can alienate customers and affiliates (See
    Mistake (#26)
  • A simple two minute phone call that can keep your sales during a new product launch
    from being stopped dead in their tracks (See the Case Study below for Mistake #45)

Case Study - Mistake #45

Keeping Your Merchant Account Provider
In the Loop Prior to a New Product Launch

Our company, Speaker Fulfillment Services, handled a major new information product launch last summer for a client who shall remain nameless in order to protect the innocent (or in this case, the guilty).

The client was launching a new "big box" package that was selling for a couple thousand dollars.  A price point above the normal amount this company ran through their merchant account.

So, what happened?  They neglected to inform their merchant account provider about their upcoming new product launch and the fact that a higher than normal average ticket price and a much larger than normal volume of business would be running through their account.

The results?  Halfway through their product launch their merchant account was shut down and they were no longer able to accept any additional orders for the product online.

While I don't know the exact figures, it was reported that by making the simple mistake of neglecting to inform their merchant account provider of their upcoming launch, this company lost hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales.

A mistake that could have been avoided by making a simple phone call.

"I'm Making Too Many of These Mistakes - Tell Me More"

But, don't take my word for it.  Here's what they’re
saying about "The 50 Biggest Mistakes"

Eric Graham

"I've Already Made Changes to an Upcoming Launch that Should Put an Extra 5 Figures in My Pocket"

"Bret Ridgway’s new course ‘The 50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make’ is one of the most valuable resources on information marketing I’ve ever run across.

And it shouldn’t be a surprise. After all, as co-founder of Speaker Fulfillment Services (the go-to place almost ALL top info marketers turn to for product fulfillment) Bret is in the unique position to witness firsthand exactly what works and what doesn’t.

He can see, at a glance, on the shelves of his warehouse, who is selling and who is struggling. If you follow the advice Bret lays out in this course, and avoid making these 50 mistakes (actually 52 because he snuck a couple bonuses in there), the impact to your bottom line will be incredible.

Just after reading the first handful of mistakes I’ve already made changes to an upcoming product launch I’m doing that should put an extra 5 figures into my pocket. (You need this course just so you can avoid mistakes #1 and #5 alone!)

Bottom line: I give this course my highest recommendation.

Eric Graham

Heather Seitz

"A Must-have Manual for ANYONE
Creating Information Products"

Bret Ridgway's course is a must-have manual for ANYONE creating information products.  It’s a checklist for each and every product that you create!

If you’re like most marketers, you know what you “should” be doing, but you simply put the details on the backburner or forget about them, leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table for each and every product.

When we took the time to really implement tactic #2, we tripled the revenues from our TRIAL newsletter subscription. His course can literally change the face of your business and explode your bottom line.”

Heather Seitz

Discover How You Can Implement These Tactics
Just Like Heather - Click Here

Tracy Childers

"I'm Going Back Through My Past Projects and
Following Up With Many of Your Suggestions"

“I must admit I was skeptical when I first heard about your "50 Biggest Mistakes" course. I've seen so many of these things about different topics and I thought it would be just like some of the others where they had very little content and it seemed like they were stretching just to hit a number like 50.

To my surprise, it was jam packed with all sorts of things that could seriously sabotage a project.  I was really impressed with your vast knowledge of the information product business.  I can tell you know this industry inside and out.  Your course really is sort of a survival guide.

I'm going back through many of my past projects and I'm following up with many of your suggestions. Oh by the way, thanks for throwing in those extra resources towards the end. Those are REALLY helpful."

Tracy Childers

Click here to learn to avoid these 50 Biggest Mistakes

Dave Bernstein

"Packed Full of Logical, Practical
and Actionable Advice"

“When it comes to the information marketing business, no one has seen more marketers, more products, and more seminars than Bret Ridgway.

I mean, after all, he has a bird’s eye view – whether running the sales table in the back of the room, chatting with his many contacts, or co-founding a very successful fulfillment company. He’s not only knowledgeable, but he’s smart and trustworthy, and when Bret speaks, people stop, listen and take notes.

The 50 Biggest Mistakes” is packed full of logical practical, and actionable advice, that anyone in the industry can take to the bank. The best way to fix a mistake is to avoid it in the first place.

Bret’s information will arm you with the knowledge you need to make that happen. I highly recommend it and hope you’ll pick up your copy today.”

DJ Dave Bernstein

James Lange

"Buying This Course is a No-brainer
for All Information Marketers"

“Why Reinvent the Wheel?

Wouldn’t you hate to put all that sweat and blood into an information product and have it fail miserably or at best never reach anywhere near its potential because you made a number of easily avoidable mistakes?  Wouldn’t it be great to know the likely mistakes you were about to make and have a chance to correct them before they go out?

Now you can. You can now get a list of the biggest mistakes information marketers make. You can quickly scan the list, skip the parts you got right, and when you see a big mistake you were about to make, you could read the detail of how to fix it.

Bret Ridgway has created this course with extremely detailed advice of how to correct each of these common mistakes.  Reviewing this list and resolving each potential mistake should be a routine step for all information marketers before they launch.  It should also be used with existing campaigns.  Bret’s broad and varied experience of seeing thousands of successful as well as failed information products gives him a rare insight that benefits his readers.  Bret really cares and you can tell when you meet him as well as when you read his course.

Buying this course is a no-brainer for all information marketers.  Luckily, Bret didn’t take his own advice and made his #5 mistake.  He didn’t charge anywhere near the value this product provides.  Before he changes his mind, I would just buy it.”

James Lange


Ray Edwards

”When Bret Talks, I Listen”

Bret has a unique ‘behind the curtain’ view of the top information marketing businesses…including almost ALL of the top ‘gurus’.  Think about it.  Who else has access to this kind of information?  Nobody but Bret.  So, when he told me he was publishing the ’50 Biggest Mistakes’, I knew it would be required reading.  I was right.

So, just how valuable can one course be?  Well, Bret’s observations on Mistake #6 saved me three months on product development… #13 made me over #300,000… #16 will make a HUGE difference in sales for almost any product (or service)… a recent New York Times Best Selling author used #24 to test the title of his book… #38 is building my list for me like crazy, on autopilot… are you getting the idea?

When Bret Ridgway talks about Information Marketing, I listen.  You should, too!”

Ray Edwards

Click here to learn to avoid these 50 Biggest Mistakes

Jeneatte Cates

"Just the Info Product Checklist is Worth
More than the Price of the Course!"

As a true ‘insider’ in the information marketing industry, Bret provides tips and insights no one else can offer.  He is truly uniquely qualified to write this course.

Just the Info Product Checklist is worth more than the price of the course!  This is a MUST HAVE resource for everyone selling an ebook, audio, home study course, or any other information product."

Jeanette S. Cates, PhD


Case Study - Mistake #17

Overproducing to Try and Save a Few
Cents on the Per Unit Cost of Your Product

I see it all the time.  Especially with new authors.  They've just finished their brand new book that they're sure is going to take the world by storm.  They're sure they'll be able to sell thousands of copies of their new book, so they get overexcited and order 5,000 copies of their book because that large of an order enables them to save a dollar or so on the printing costs of the book  Then four or five pallets of the book arrive at our warehouse for storage and fulfillment.

Fast forward one year.  There are still 4,850 copies of the book in our warehouse. So now the author is racking up storage fees in addition to their large cash outlay upfront to have all the books printed.  But hey, they saved a dollar a book by getting 5,000 printed right out of the gate. Right?

Wrong, dead wrong.  They would have been far better off to spend a little bit more per unit and apply the up front money saved to their marketing and sales efforts. 

Click here to learn to avoid all the mistakes!

  Your "50 Biggest Mistakes I See Information Marketers Make" course contains:

50 Biggest Mistakes Course
  • 115 Page Comprehensive PDF manual covering all 50 mistakes as well as a detailed description of what you can do to avoid each.

  • Downloadable MP3s of the course you can load to your media player and listen to the program on the go.

  • New Product Development and Launch Checklist - a step by step PDF checklist that you can use project after project that will help you make sure you don't overlook any of the critical steps for a successful new product launch.

Just avoiding one of these critical mistakes can put tens of thousands of extra dollars in your pocket - or help you avoid flushing money down the toilet.  If you're an information marketer this course should be required reading.

Special Bonuses Worth $794.00 When
You Place Your Order Today!

Because I know so many of the leaders in this industry I have access to some outstanding materials that you'll receive along with your course if you order today. 

Special Bonus #1: Alex Mandossian's 'Packaging Secrets'

Packaging Secrets
Alex Mandossian's "Packaging Secrets"

This is a teleseminar I did with Alex recently where Alex covered what he feels all the critical elements are of an outstanding information product. 

You get both the PDF and the MP3 audios of this outstanding teleseminar event. (Value - $297)http://tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:PfBlm345YJVHxM:http://www.dualelectronics.com/logo_mp3.gif

So, you receive the complete "50 Biggest Mistakes" course including the PDF, the MP3 audios,
and the Info Product Checklist, along with Alex Mandossian's
"Packaging Secrets" course.


Special Bonus #2: Armand Morin's 'Product Creation'

Product Creation
Armand Morin's "Product Creation"

If you're involved in Internet or information marketing you've probably heard of Armand's outstanding new course "Internet Marketing Explained". 

Armand is the undisputed master of product creation and I've persuaded him to make available to you the Product Creation portion of this course, as this is critical to your success as an information marketer. 

You get both the PDF and the MP3 audios of this excellent course (Value - $497)http://tbn1.google.com/images?q=tbn:PfBlm345YJVHxM:http://www.dualelectronics.com/logo_mp3.gif




So, here's what you're going to receive when you order today:

  • The 115 Page Comprehensive PDF manual covering all 50 mistakes as well
    as a detailed description of what you can do to avoid each.

  • Downloadable MP3s of the course you can load to your media player so you can
    listen to the program on the go.

  • Info Product Checklist - this step by step PDF checklist covers all the critical steps
    and timing you should follow when developing and launching a new information product.
    You can use it project after project to help you make sure you don't overlook any of the
    critical steps involved in a successful new information product launch.
  • The PDF and MP3 of Alex Mandossian's landmark "Packaging Secrets" course.
  • The PDF and MP3 of Armand Morin's "Product Creation" from his industry standard
    Internet Marketing Explained course.

And You Get It All for......  just $97


100% Money Back Guarantee!

Your satisfaction is assured through our no risk, you-can't-lose, 100%, no-questions-asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If for any reason, you aren't thrilled and satisfied with your purchase, just contact us within 30 days and I'll refund 100% of your purchase price.

What I'm saying is don't decide now if "50 Biggest Mistakes" is right for you. Try it out for one full month - RISK FREE! You have nothing to lose and a lot of money to save.


So, the choice is yours.  You can:

          #1  Not invest in the course and continue to make mistakes that cost you
                tens of thousands of dollars or

          #2  Invest in your "50 Biggest Mistakes" course and the special bonuses
                and begin to make a lot more money in your information marketing
                business today.

Seems like a no-brainer to me.


50 Biggest Mistakes Priority Order Form


YES! I want to learn how to avoid the exact mistakes that other  
    information marketers make that Bret Ridgway learned while
    working with the top Information Marketers in the world.
  • I will receive the 115 Page Comprehensive PDF Manual covering all 50 mistakes, as well as a detailed description of what I can do to avoid each.
  • I will also receive Downloadable MP3s so I can listen to the program on the go.
  • I will also receive the Comprehensive "Information Product Checklist".

      Plus, the following two Special Bonuses when I order today:

  • Special Bonus #1: Alex Mandossian's "Packaging Secrets"
  • Special Bonus #2: Armand Morin's "Product Creation"

All for just $97

Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AMEX


Best of Success,

Bret Rigdway

P.S. -
While I hope you don't order for the bonuses alone, I'd certainly understand it!  Where else can
you get some of the best training ever done by Alex Mandossian and Armand Morin in one place?

P.P.S.  A lot of my colleagues are telling me I'm making Mistake #5 myself with the pricing of this
product, so order today before I take their advice and raise the price!

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